Enhanching Marine Biodiversity Research in Indonesia (EMBRIO) IPB University proudly present “The 5th EMBRIO International Summer School” with theme “Tropical Aquatic Biodiversity”. This summer course will be held in Zoom Cloud Meeting, on September 14th – October 5th, 2020.

Free registration and registration deadline until August, 31th 2020.

Registration link:http://ipb.link/regis-the5th-esc

For more information, please kindly contact us: 0857-1655-1813 (WA/Yoga Nugraha) or visit our website esc-embrio.ipb.ac.id

Thank you,

The 5th ESC Commite

Organizing Committee

Steering committee:

  1. Dekan Fakultas Perikanan dan Ilmu Kelautan (FPIK), IPB
  2. Ketua Departemen di lingkungan FPIK
  3. Kepala Pusat Kajian Sumber daya Pesisir dan Lautan (PKSPL), IPB
  4. Dr. Vita R. Kurniawati, SPi MT.
  5. Prof. Dr. Ir. Nurjanah, M.S
  6. Dr. Mala Nurimala, S.Pi M.Si
  7. Dr. Ir. Neviaty P. Zamani, M.Sc
  8. Dr. Ir. M. Fedi A. Sondita, M.Sc
  9. PD Dr. rer. nat habil. Sonja Kleinertz

Organizing committee:

Chief                                        : Dr. Ichsan Achmad Fauzi, S.Pi M.Sc

Secretary                                           : Nadya Cakasana, S.Kel M.Si

Treasurer                                            : Dr Yuni Puji Hastuti, SPi MSi

Event                                               : Agus Alim Hakim, SPi MSi

Documentation and Publication : Dwi Putra Yuwandana, S.Pi M.Si

                                                               Muhammad Irsyad Tawakal, S.Pi

Public Realation                            : Dudi Muhammad Wildan, S.Pi M.Si

Secretariat                                  : Yoga Nugraha, S.Pi

Academic :

Chief : Beginer Subhan, S.Pi M.Si


: 1. Dr. Sri Nuryati, S.Pi M.Si

2. Dr. Yonvitner, S.Pi M.Si

3. Dr. Eng. Safrina Dyah Hardiningtyas, S.Pi M.Si

4. Dr. Retno Muninggar, S.Pi ME

5. Dr. Meutia Samira Ismet, S.Si M.Si

EMBRIO International Summer Course (EISC)


EMBRIO (Enhancing Marine Biodiversity Research in Indonesia) is a network initiative initiated by the Vice Rector for Research and Collaboration of the Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) and coordinated by Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (FFMS-IPB), to promote scientific innovation based on marine biodiversity resources and to strengthen counteractions against marine biodiversity loss. EMBRIO aims to grow into an Indonesia-wide network with strategic international partners and a “Center of Excellence” in Indonesian Marine Biodiversity Research. The EMBRIO is coordinate by the IPB faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (IPB-FPIK).

About EISC

EMBRIO International Summer Course (EISC) is an annual summer course which was established in 2016.  This credit-bearing short course is one of the EMBRIO main activities which aims at strengthening our international network as well as delivering knowledge in Indonesian marine biodiversity related studies. Accordingly, EISC program will give an overview of the diversity of marine organisms and their interactions in a various aquatic ecosystems, highlight significant roles of marine biodviersity in biotechnologies innovation and create a fundamental understanding among the participants for the significance of sustaining this treasure for future generations, specifically in tropical region.

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